How nurseries and care homes are coming together for good, one year later.

Smarties Day Nursery Intergenerational programme

Smarties nursery, based at Rastrick High School embarked on a project a little over 12 months ago to visit care home residents weekly at Rastrick Hall and Grange in Brighouse to enjoy activities together as part of an intergenerational programme.

We checked back in with Clare Gibson, Smarties Nursery Manager and Joanne Davy, Home Manager at Rastrick Hall and Grange to see what the impact has been for the nursery children and care home residents a year later.

We asked Clare Gibson, Nursery Manager

What are your thoughts on the programme now a year later?

“The programme has been really fantastic. As practitioners, it is lovely to see the children's excitement on the build-up to every visit. The children often come to the nursery and share their ideas about activities they would like to do and interesting stories they would like to tell the residents. The children have built bonds with the residents over time which has directly helped to build confidence.”

Has this programme made a difference to the children?

"The project is proving to be very beneficial to our children. We have noticed significant progress in the children’s personal, social and emotional development - They have already grown to care for the residents and have formed some strong bonds."

We then asked Joanne Davy, Home Manager

What do you think about the intergenerational programme year on?

“Our residents really enjoy the interaction with the children, there are always lots of smiles and interesting conversations. It’s really touching to hear our residents say how happy they are that the children have come to visit.”

How has this programme benefited the residents?

“We have observed our residents taking part in more activities and being more sociable. It has given some residents more of a sense of purpose as the children relate to them without any judgement and with ease, the residents have time to listen in a way that most people don't.”

 “Many of the residents have said that they look forward to spending time with the children more than anything else.

One of the residents commented:  

“I don’t normally join in with activities because of my arthritis but one of the children actually encouraged me to do a picture and I joined in”. She then told us that she never thought she’d be able to colour in, but completed a picture with the child and was very pleased with herself and it really cheered her up.

Smarties Day Nursery Intergenerational Programme 2

The science behind it

Many studies have been conducted and all conclude the same thing: intergenerational care is good.
Here are some links to useful studies.


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